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A dog license and civic sense are required to keep a dog

It is said that hobby is a big thing, but for this, you also have to pay a price. Especially when your hobby is causing some kind of trouble to others. Expensive. People fond of Haldwani city, who keep expensive dogs, will now be taught how to fulfill their hobbies. Watch special news.

Haldwani. If you live in Haldwani and are fond of keeping a dog, then this news is of your use. Now keeping a dog will not be easy because for this you will have to get a license from the Municipal Corporation. The Municipal Corporation is doing the registration of dogs these days. Soon this registration will be made mandatory. Not only this, the municipal corporation will not only register your dog with a complete process, but then it will also teach you civic sense so that your hobby of keeping a dog does not cause problems for other people in the city.

First, let us tell you what process you will have to go through for registration to have a dog. First of all, you take a form from the office of the Municipal Corporation. In this form, the picture of the dog, the photo of the owner of the dog along with the owner’s address and breed of the dog will have to be written. Along with this, a one-minute video clip of the dog will also have to be made. A plastic tag will be put on the neck of the dogs registered with the Municipal Corporation, which will be known as soon as the dog is registered or not. For registration, the Municipal Corporation will charge a fee of Rs 200, which can be renewed annually for Rs 50.

This is how you will be taught how to raise a dog

City Health Officer Dr. Manoj Kandpal, while stating that registration should be made mandatory soon, said that this entire exercise is being done for the convenience of the people. In fact, people in Haldwani are fond of keeping more than one expensive domestic and foreign dog. During the morning and evening walks, people walk their dogs on the streets. During this, these amateurs make their dogs go potty on the road itself. Then the pedestrians have to face difficulties. Now the Municipal Corporation will teach the lessons of Civic Sense to the owners of the registered dogs so that they can clean the dirt of their dogs themselves and the city remains clean.

Corporation in the mood to target two with one arrow

According to Dr. Jogendra Pal Singh Rautela, Mayor of Haldwani Municipal Corporation, the number of stray animals is increasing in the city. These include animals from dogs and horses to cows. It has also been reported that most of these are domesticated at one time. In such a situation, people will not be able to leave the registered animals on the roads. That is, with this registration process, the problem of stray animals in the city will also be curbed. According to the mayor, stray animals injure people every day. In such a situation, this step of the corporation will give relief to the people.