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The new variant of Corona raised the concern of the country

Coronavirus New Variant: The effect of the new variant of the corona virus has ranged from sports to stock markets. Many countries have banned flights to South Africa.

New Delhi: A meeting will be held today (Saturday) under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the Coronavirus pandemic and vaccination. This meeting will start at 10.30 am. Let us inform that the concern of countries around the world has increased due to the new variant of Corona, Omicron. America has banned air travel from 8 African countries. All the countries of the European Union, including France, have agreed to ban flights from South Africa. The Junior Women’s Hockey World Cup has also been postponed. The Women’s Junior Hockey World Cup was to be held in South Africa.

Effect of new variant on stock markets

In view of this new variant coming from South Africa, concern has increased in countries around the world. From air flights to sports events are being canceled for the time being. This new variant also had an effect in the stock markets around the world. WHO is currently researching this new variant from South Africa. After research, it will be known whether this new variant comes only in the category of Variant of Interest or whether it is a worrying variant.

Ban on flights coming from these countries

But this new variant of Corona has increased the concern of the world even before the report came. The United States, including Britain, Israel, Singapore, the Netherlands and France, have also banned flights to countries coming to the southern part of Africa. This new variant of Corona has even started leaving its negative impression on the world. On Friday, there was a big fall in the stock markets around the world. The last day of the trading week proved to be Black Friday for the market. The concern about the new variant of Corona weakened the business in the global markets.

It also had a bad effect on the Indian markets. On Friday, the first Sensex fell 800 points and then the fall reached 1,400 points. NSE’s Nifty index also saw a fall of 200 points. At the end of trading, Nifty closed down 510 points while Sensex slipped more than 1,600 points.

The effect of the new variant was also visible on sports

But the stock market alone has not fallen prey to the fear of this variant. The new variant has started showing its impact on sports as well. The Netherlands has canceled the cricket series to be held in South Africa. The Junior Women’s Hockey World Cup to be held in South Africa itself has also been postponed for the time being.

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