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‘Smart Shoes’ launched in India


  • Ixigo launches ‘Smart Shoes’.
  • You can take selfies with these ‘Smart Shoes’.
  • These boots come with a charging port.

New Delhi: At present, only smart devices are seen around us. Technology that was once limited is now readily available to all. Even smart watches from smart TVs, smart speakers and smart ACs have become available in the market. However, have you ever heard of Smart Shoes ? Currently a special boot is in special discussion. These Smart Shoes come with great features like location tracker, front and rear camera and charging port. Let’s learn about these special Smart Shoes.

Alok Bajpayee, CEO and Founder of Ixigo
Group, a popular online travel portal ‘Smart Shoes’ launched in India, has shared information about this quirky product on Twitter. Ixigo has launched ‘Smart Shoes’. A video teaser explains the features of this ShoesX . No such ‘Smart Shoes’ have been made before. This sleek ShoesX comes with a waterproof USB charging port that lets you charge your smartphone. So the battery is given on the lower side. Not only this, with these shoes you can take great selfies. ShoesX has a 12 megapixel front camera, with which you can take selfies.

In addition to the front camera, Ixigo’s ShoesX also gives you an ultra wide back camera. By this you are behind who you are. Also, who is chasing. Not only that, it also has anti-theft sensors, which will protect the shoes from theft. It will also tell you who is touching or stealing your shoes. You will find this information on your smartphone and you can track Smart Shoes.

Other Features of

ShoesX ShoesX comes with a special ‘Auto-Warming Soul’. This keeps your feet warm even at -20 degrees. It has QR Code Scanner and the company has named it Shoe-R Code Scanner. This allows you to scan any QR code and make a payment. A Native Tracking App for this Also, it can be used to track steps, calories, etc. Meanwhile, ShoesX can only be purchased by Ixigo users. Also, can only be purchased when available in stock. You can buy it from the official website of ShoesX. The price of these smart shoes has not been revealed yet.