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Jobs will increase and things will also be cheaper!

New Delhi: The Modi government on Wednesday took a big step to make India self-reliant in the matter of semiconductors. The government has approved about 76 thousand crore rupees under the PLI scheme, which will help India to become self-reliant in the matter of semiconductors. The Modi government has also said that this will create many jobs (How Semiconductors plan of Modi Govt generate Employment). This step can prove to be a game changer, because on one hand it will make the country self-reliant in the matter of semiconductor, while on the other hand it will also create employment opportunities. Many new startups will also be formed, from which the country is expected to get some more unicorns in the future.

First understand what is a semiconductor?

Simply put, Semiconductor is like their heart for billions of products. It is the link between conductors and non-conductors or insulators. The ability to carry current in this is much higher than insulators like metals and ceramics. Semiconductor chips are mainly made of silicon.

How will jobs be created?

The Modi government has said that making India self-reliant in the matter of semiconductors will create lakhs of job opportunities. It is being estimated that an army of about 85000 talented engineers will be required to design the semiconductor. At the same time, the Modi government will also set up all the industries related to making semiconductors, due to which more people will get jobs. These jobs can be from small to large level. For example, if an industry is established, then there are not only employees working in it, but all the managers, marketing and sales people, HR people, administration people, sweepers, security guards, all these are needed, due to which the opportunities of jobs increase. Huh. Not only this, this step of Modi government will also generate many new startups.

What is the use of semiconductor?

The job of a semiconductor is to power all electronic devices. Through these, you can do fast computing, operation control, data processing, storage, input-output management, sensing, wireless connectivity. That is, without it artificial intelligence, quantum computing, advanced wireless networks, blockchain applications, robots, drones, games, smartwatches and even 5G technology cannot be imagined.

Where are semiconductors used?

In addition to vehicles, semiconductors are used in things like smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, data centers, computers, tablets, ATMs, refrigerator-washing machines used at home including agritech equipment. That is, without a semiconductor, many equipment will be stalled.

How cheap will things be?

At present, auto companies are facing heavy losses due to the shortage of semiconductors. Many factories were closed due to Corona, due to which there was a shortage of semiconductors. At present India imports all types of semiconductors. In such a situation, semiconductors are expensive, but if they are made in the country itself, then there will be no need to import and they will be cheap. That is, some fall in the price of things made using them can also be seen.