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World Bicycle Day 2022

World Bicycle Day 2022 is being celebrated all over the world today i.e. on 3rd June. This day is celebrated so that people get information about how much benefit the society can get with the help of cycling. Cycle also helps us to keep away many diseases related to health. Cycle can play an unprecedented role in building a healthy society.

2022 World Bicycle Day Date History Significance: 

Every year on 3rd June, World Bicycle Day is celebrated loudly with the aim of increasing public awareness of cycling and its benefits around the world. Talking about its benefits, the bicycle is not only a simple means of transport, but it can also contribute a lot in the protection of the environment.

If we give information about the physical and mental health related to it, then it has been found in researches that cycling for half an hour daily can save us from many diseases like obesity, heart disease, mental illness, diabetes and arthritis.

History of World Bicycle Day

The United Nations General Assembly had declared 3 June 2018 as World Bicycle Day and since then every year it is being celebrated on this day all over the world. The proposal to celebrate this day was given in the form of a petition by Professor Leszek Sibilski of Montgomery College, America. Actually, the cycle period was very good till 1990, but gradually its importance decreased. To reiterate its importance, it was considered to celebrate World Bicycle Day and this day was announced.

Importance of World Bicycle Day

According to the United Nations, the idea behind celebrating this day is to encourage member states to focus on various development strategies and to incorporate cycling into international, national, subnational, regional development policies and programmes. In addition, pedestrian safety and cycling safety are also to be promoted. To promote the use of cycles among all sections of the society and also to encourage cycle riding at the national and local level to strengthen physical and mental health wellness.

So ride a bicycle

Cycling does not cause pollution in the environment.
-By cycling for half an hour, the body remains fit and the body does not get fat.
Cycling keeps the immune system good and digestion remains good.
With daily cycling, the brain remains active 15 to 20 percent.
Cycling is the cheapest mode of transport.
Heart and lungs remain strong and many deadly diseases stay away.