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US President Joe Biden remembered India, know what he said

Washington:  US President Joe Biden has remembered India and Brazil amid the Coronavirus Pandemic. Referring to the weakening of the supply system, he referred to India and Brazil. He said that as a result of the global supply chain being affected due to Kovid-19, there has been an increase in the prices of the products before Christmas and there has been a long delay in their movement.

Pencil is made in the US when graphite comes from India

Joe Biden mentioned the raw materials coming from Brazil and America for a small pencil made in America. He told that wood for pencil comes from Brazil, while for its graphite we have to depend on India.

Joe Biden promises modernization

US President Joe Biden, speaking in Baltimore, promised to modernize America’s ports, airports and rail freight trains to make it easier for American companies to market their goods and end supply chain woes Could.

More problems due to Kovid-19 epidemic

Joe Biden said that before the Kovid-19 pandemic, the supply chain has never been so affected. Due to this there was an increase in the prices of things and there was a long delay in their supply. He said, ‘In simple words, supply chain is the journey of a product till it reaches you. To prepare a product, many things including raw materials, labor are needed.

Joe Biden mentioned India-Brazil

Joe Biden said, ‘These supply chains are complicated. Take only a pencil. For this wood is imported from Brazil and graphite from India. After this it is produced in a factory in America and then a pencil is found. It’s a bit strange, but that’s the reality.