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Ukraine has lost $565 billion due to Russian attack, destroyed 7,886 km of roads

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues for the 34th day. The Russian army is constantly firing missiles at Ukrainian cities. So far, Ukraine has suffered a loss of $ 564.9 billion. In which more than 7,886 km of roads have been destroyed. Ukraine’s Minister Yulia Sivrydenko gave information about this through a Facebook post.

Due to this war, the city of Mariupol has suffered the most. This city has turned 90% into ruins. Mariupol’s mayor said – so far about 5,000 people have died since the attack. 1.6 lakh people are still stranded in the city. The Russian army has captured all the exits from the city.

US President Joe Biden has said that he will not apologize for the statement that removed Putin from power. However, Biden said – I am not going back on my point. I didn’t say that then, and neither will I now… I’m talking about a policy change. I said what I felt and I will not apologize for it.

Other Updates-

  • Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that citizens of hostile countries will find it difficult to get Russian visas.
  • Ukraine has expressed hope for a ceasefire in talks with Russia starting Tuesday, but US officials say Putin is in no mood for reconciliation.
  • Britain will give star streak system to Ukraine. Britain has made this decision after Russia has threatened nuclear attack.
  • There has been a cyber attack on Ukraine’s largest telecom service provider.
  • Ahead of Tuesday’s peace talks, President Zelensky said Ukraine was ready to become a neutral country.
  • The Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, which won the Nobel Prize for Fearless Journalism, has closed its publication.
  • The US has deployed 6 Navy electronic warfare jets and 240 soldiers in Germany.
  • Individuals displaying the letter ‘Z’, a symbol of supporting Russia’s attack, can be prosecuted in Germany.
  • According to the information, due to Western sanctions on Russia, many Russians are investing in properties in Turkey and Dubai.

A look at the damage done in Ukraine

  • The governor of Ukraine’s Rivne region said the rocket attack hit an oil depot. In the last few days, Russian missiles have destroyed 6 oil depots.
  • Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said – So far more than 100 people have died in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. At the same time, about 82 multi-storey buildings have been destroyed in the war.
  • About 1,200 apartments have been devastated by Russian shelling in Ukraine’s northeastern city of Kharkiv. At the same time, 1,177 multi-storey buildings, 53 kindergartens, 69 schools and 15 hospitals were destroyed by the Russian army.
  • More than 30 percent of Kharkiv’s citizens have left the city because of the war.
  • So far, infrastructure worth 78 thousand crores has been destroyed in Ukraine. The residential areas of many cities, including the capital Kyiv, Liv, have been completely destroyed.

Peace talks between the two countries
Russia-Ukraine have been held so far on 28 February, 1 March and 7 March, but despite all efforts, no concrete result has been achieved. Therefore, the leaders of both the countries are going to meet once again on Tuesday in the Turkish city of Istanbul. During this, the leaders of both the countries can talk to stop the war.

Now understand from this graphics how much damage the Russian army has suffered in the war so far.