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Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine attacked a nuclear plant in the midst of a war with this thing

Ukraine Russia War: The war between Ukraine and Russia has been going on continuously since February. No country is ready to bow down. Meanwhile, Ukraine has tried to inflict such pain on Russia through its drone, which has surprised it. 

Russia-Ukraine War: Russia on Wednesday accused Ukraine of attacking a nuclear power plant in the Zapsorizhia region with a drone. This power plant is in an area that is partially occupied by Russia. According to the news agency Reuters, this is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. At present, there has been no comment from any Ukrainian official on the incident. 

‘Destroyed a Drone’

Russia’s Defense Ministry said, ‘Ukraine has attacked the Zapsorizhia Nuclear Power Plant with two drones. One of the drones was destroyed even before it got close to the plant. It was just fortunate that the drone did not cause any damage to the plant or else there could have been a man-made tragedy.

Ukraine had earlier accused Russia of deploying troops and storing military equipment at the base of the power plant. On Wednesday, Vladimir Rogov, a member of Russia’s regional administration, wrote on Telegram that three Ukrainian drones had attacked the power plant. Despite the territory being occupied by Russia, employees of Ukrainian nuclear company Energoatom run the plant.

He said in a statement that the Russian military had sought permission to access the machine hall of three reactors at the plant to store its tanks and military equipment. However, the company did not say whether the drone caused any damage or not.

Ukraine blew up the bridge

Apart from this, the Ukrainian army attacked and destroyed a bridge important for a supply route in Russian-occupied South Ukraine. While Russian firing has killed many civilians, including a 13-year-old boy, in the northeastern part of Ukraine.

Kirill Stremosov, the head of the Moscow-backed administration in the Kherson region of Russian-occupied southern Ukraine, said that Ukrainian forces fired missiles at a bridge over the Dnieper River, 11 of which hit the bridge.