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know the salary of top 5 CEOs of Indian origin

Parag Agrawal has recently become the new CEO of Twitter. After becoming the CEO of Twitter, Parag Agarwal’s salary has been increased. Agarwal will be given a salary of $ 1 million (about Rs 7.49 crore) annually. Apart from this, all kinds of allowances and bonuses will also be given to Parag Agarwal. India-born Parag Agarwal will succeed Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey. Prior to becoming the CEO, Parag Agarwal used to be the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Twitter, who looked after the technical strategy of the company.

Agarwal will get shares of the company 

Twitter executive Parag Agarwal will also get a bonus plan. The company Aggarwal will get 150 percent of the annual salary as target bonus. According to the letter issued by the office board of December 2021, Agarwal will be allotted shares of the company worth about 94 crores. This has been disclosed by the company from the regulatory filing of Twitter. The shares of the company will be given to Agarwal in 16 times.

Salary will be less than Sundar Pichai

If you compare the salary of Parag Agarwal with that of Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, then Parag Agarwal’s salary will be about 10 times less. Let us tell you that Sundar Pichai’s salary is around $ 10 million (about Rs 15 crore) annually.

  • Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s salary is the highest among Indian CEOs. Nadella gets an annual salary of $ 50 million (about Rs 374 crore). 
  • Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayan’s salary is $ 1 million, about Rs 7.49 crore annually.
  • IBM CEO Arvind Krishna will get a salary of $ 1.5 million annually, about Rs 11.23 crore.
  • Revathi Advaithi was made the CEO of Flex in the year 2019. His annual salary is $2,599,267 (about Rs 20 crore).

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