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FIFA World Cup 2022: Portugal scored two goals in 2 minutes

World star Cristiano Ronaldo scored three goals in 15 minutes as Portugal overcame a slow start to beat Ghana 3-2 in their FIFA World Cup Group H match here on Thursday. Of. Ronaldo, who holds many records in football, also became the only player in the world to score goals in 5 different World Cups.

Captain Ronaldo gave the world number 9 team the lead in the 65th minute at Stadium 974, before Jaão Felix (78th) and Rafael Liao (80th) also scored for Portugal. Captain Andre Ayew (73rd minute) and Usman Bukhari (89th minute) scored for Ghana.

Portugal’s margin could have been bigger, but…
Portugal’s margin of victory against world number 61 Ghana could have been bigger, but for most of the opening hour of the match, the trio of Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva, and Bruno Fernandes were disappointed. There was also a lack of finishing of the players of Portugal. Despite a lot of mistakes in the match by the Ghanaian players, the forwards of Portugal failed to take advantage of it. Portugal started the match well and made some good moves in the first 10 minutes but their forwards failed to penetrate the Ghanaian defense.

Ronaldo had the best chance to
score in the 10th minute. Ronaldo had a golden chance to score in the 10th minute, but Ghana’s goalkeeper Lawrence Atzighi showed agility and took the ball away from his possession before he could shoot. Ronaldo got another chance after 3 minutes but this time also he failed to put the ball inside the goal with the header.

In the first half, however, most of the game was played in Ghana’s half. Under constant pressure, Ghana’s defense seemed to be slowly disintegrating. Ronaldo put the ball in the goal in the 31st minute, but before that he fouled the opposing player and the referee rejected the goal.

Portugal kept the ball in their possession 70 percent of the time
Portugal made another move in the 42nd minute. This time the pass from the top of Ronaldo reached Rafael Guerrero. Guerrero takes a shot but it hits Ronaldo. Ronaldo also failed to score by taking possession of the ball. In the first half, Portugal kept 70 percent of the ball in their possession and during this time they also created some good chances but due to the lack of finishing, the team could not take the lead.

In the second half too, the Ghanaian defense constantly troubled the forwards of Portugal. Ronaldo had another good chance to score in the 53rd minute of the match. He was at the forefront with the ball in his possession but failed to dodge the Ghanaian goalkeeper.

Ronaldo missed many chances to score
Ronaldo got a golden chance to score another goal in the 83rd minute. He only had to beat Atzigi but he went ahead and hit a straight shot into the hands of the goalkeeper. Bukhari headed in a pass from the left in the 89th minute to cut Portugal’s lead and give Ghana hope of a draw, but Ronaldo’s men eventually held on to win.