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Apple reaches court against Israeli spy software Pegasus

Apple has sued Israeli spyware firm NSO Group and the company that runs it for allegedly targeting iPhones with a hacking tool.

NSO’s Pegasus software can infect both iPhone and Android devices, allowing operators to extract messages, photos and emails, view call records, and secretly activate microphones and cameras.

The NSO group says that its equipment was designed to target terrorists and criminals. But spy software has also reportedly been used on activists, politicians and journalists.

NSO Group says it only sells its software to the military, law enforcement agencies and intelligence departments of countries with good human rights records.

But this month the US blacklisted the company. US officials say the software “helped foreign governments unleash international repression. There is an old practice of dictatorial governments targeting their opponents, journalists and activists, in which they Software helps.”

Apple’s action comes after criticism from other large technology firms such as Microsoft, Alphabet, the company that owns Meta Platforms (Facebook), Google, and Cisco Systems.

Apple said in a blog post that it wants to hold NSO Group and its parent company OSY Technology accountable for “monitoring and targeting Apple users”.

“In the future, Apple is seeking a permanent injunction prohibiting the NSO Group from using any Apple software, services or devices,” the blog read.