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Uttarakhand High Court imposed, Facebook has become a business of illegal earning

Uttarakhand High Court has imposed a fine of 50 thousand on Facebook. Along with this, the Chief Justice Court has also ordered to file of the reply. This fine has been imposed on creating fake IDs on Facebook and cheating by editing photos. Please tell that a person named Alok Kumar filed a petition in the High Court and said that he himself is suffering from it. It was said in the petition that Facebook is sending friend requests by creating fake IDs of people, after which money is being demanded. On not giving, the photo is being edited and obscene videos are being made and sent to their relatives.

The petitioner said that the same was done to him, and videos were sent to his friends and family members. Said in the petition that he also complained about this to SSP Haridwar DGP Secretary Home but no action was taken. When information was taken, 45 cases have been complained about in Uttarakhand.

The petitioner said that social media is being misused. Making such videos and sending them to their family and friends is wrong. Victims are committing suicide without any reason and have made Facebook a business of earning. It has also been said in the petition that the ID of those who put obscene videos should be blocked and all such videos should be removed. Also, instruct the SSP DGP to issue such a number in which complaints can be lodged.

Petitioner’s lawyer Abhijay Negi said that earlier also the court had given notice to Facebook but the reply has not been filed till now, after which the court has now imposed the fine. Along with this, cases of cheating are also coming on Facebook which is serious.