The Doors Of Hemkund Sahib Are Open, The First Group Arrived | The Shivalik

The doors of Hemkund Sahib are open, the first group arrived

The first batch of devotees left from Govindghat under the leadership of Panchpyaras and reached Ghangaria at 3 pm yesterday. The doors of Hemkund Sahib will open today and have been opened for the devotees.

The gates of Hemkund Sahib have been opened for the devotees today. On Friday, around 2000 devotees left for Ghangaria, the main stop of the yatra, from Govindghat Gurudwara under the leadership of Panch Pyaras and accompanied by the tunes of the band of the Sikh Regiment.

Senior manager of the Gurudwara Sardar Sewa Singh and BKTC Kishore Panwar vice president sent off the group which reached Ghangaria at 3 pm. After this, the doors of Hemkund Sahib were opened with rituals at 9:30 am on May 25. Guruvaani recitation, Ardaas, Shabad Kirtan, and Akhand Paath were organized at Govindghat Gurudwara from 6 am on Friday.

After this, at 8 am, a group of devotees headed by Panch Pyaras left for Ghangaria from the Gurudwara. During this time, enthusiasm for the pilgrimage was seen among the devotees. Sardar Seva Singh, manager of Govindghat Gurudwara, said, that on Saturday, a group of devotees reached Hemkund Sahib from Ghangaria at around 9 am. After that, the doors of Hemkund Sahib were opened at 9:30 am.

The state government and administration have provided drinking water, electricity, and health facilities at the yatra halts to make the yatra smooth and safe. Because of security, a limit of only 3,500 devotees per day has been set to be sent to Hemkund in the initial days.