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Successful Webinar on Transforming Distress into De-Stress by Dr. Sona Kaushal

[Dehradun, 26th May 2024] – Yuvaan Research and Educational Trust proudly hosted a groundbreaking online webinar titled “Distress to De-Stress” on May 26, 2024, at 11:00 AM. The session, aimed at empowering teachers to manage stress and enhance their well-being effectively, the session was conducted by the esteemed Dr. Sona Kaushal, a renowned expert in psychology and mental health with credentials including MBBS, DCP, PGDPC, PGCC, MS (Psychology), and PhD.

Event Highlights:

-Dr. Sona Kaushal shared her extensive knowledge of the root causes of stress among teachers.
-Practical techniques to manage and reduce stress were discussed.
-Strategies for building resilience and fostering mental well-being were presented.
-An interactive Q&A session allowed participants to engage directly with Dr. Kaushal.

The webinar was well-received, with participants praising the insightful and practical approaches shared by Dr. Kaushal. Her expertise and compassionate approach provided valuable tools and techniques that teachers can integrate into their daily lives to manage stress effectively.

About Dr. Sona Kaushal:

Dr. Sona Kaushal is a distinguished mental health professional with multiple degrees in medicine and psychology. Her extensive research and practical experience make her a leading voice in mental health and stress management.

About Yuvaan Research and Educational Trust:

Yuvaan Research and Educational Trust is dedicated to advancing educational opportunities and promoting mental health awareness. Our mission is to support educators and students through innovative programs, research, and community engagement.

The Trust extends its gratitude to all attendees for their participation and engagement in making this webinar a success. For more information on upcoming events and programs, please visit or contact 9557564442.

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