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Reliance Jewelry Showroom Robbery

Police are still empty-handed in the Reliance Jewelry showroom robbery case in Dehradun. Even after 6 days, the police’s hands are empty in this case. Police are not able to reach the accused. The SSP has claimed that he himself is investigating the matter. Will get success soon.

Dehradun: Police are still not successful in catching the accused in the Reliance Jewelry showroom robbery case in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. On November 9, during the VVIP movement in Dehradun, a robbery worth Rs 20 crore took place from Reliance’s jewelery showroom. Six days have passed since the robbery, but the police are still empty-handed. Dehradun Police Captain himself is continuously monitoring this incident. Despite this, the miscreants are still far away from the police. At the same time, SSP Ajay Singh said that Diwali festival would have gone well for all the people. But, I and my force will celebrate Diwali festival only after uncovering this robbery. Police are raiding many cities to arrest the accused.

SSP Ajay Singh said that at the moment I cannot say where I am, but it is certain that I myself am working on the leads related to this incident. I am supporting my team and being a team leader, I do not want any laxity in this matter. The way politics is being done in this matter is not right. The police are doing their work with full dedication. I regret that after all the incidents have come to light, Dehradun Police is being targeted regarding this incident, which is not right at all. Has reached close. The police have made important revelations regarding the incident. Police said that the accused had made a secret box in the car to hide the weapons so that they could escape from the police. The date of the incident was already fixed. Major incidents have been committed by the vicious gang involved in the incident in different states like West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Odisha etc. Except for the two bikes and one car used in the incident, the accused Have run away. From this, the police got important information regarding the gang. The accused have committed incidents in Reliance Jewelers and other big jewelry shops in other states. On November 9, a robbery was carried out at the Reliance Jewelry showroom located on Rajpur Road. The accused had left two motorcycles and a car used in the incident in Selaqui.