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Reduce electricity bill by buying this device

How to Reduce Electricity Bill: In this summer season it is very difficult to run without AC, but keeping AC running all the time increases the electricity bill. We have a solution to this problem, so that you will be able to run AC throughout the day and the electricity bill will not increase even then..

How to Reduce Electricity Bill in Summers: The heat is increasing with every day and it becomes difficult to lose even an hour in the house without AC. But running AC throughout the day means seeing expensive electricity bill at the end of the month. If you are also able to relate yourself to this problem, then we have a wonderful solution for your problem. Today we are going to tell you about such a device by which you can reduce your electricity bill even after running AC throughout the day. Let us know which device we are talking about. 

Bring home this device and save on electricity bill 

Let us tell you that we are talking about AC Power Saver Device here, using which you can easily reduce your electricity bill and you will not have to run AC intermittently. . This is a device that you can fit in your AC and it will help in saving electricity.

Buy this AC Power Saver Device for Rs 799 

First of all let’s talk about Proelectra MDP08, which you can use to save electricity. This power saving device with a capacity of 1KW can be used anywhere, at home and office. Its price on Amazon is Rs 2200 but after a discount of 64 percent it is being sold for Rs 799. You just have to fit it in your AC and the job will be done. 

This device can also be used 

Dynamic AC Power Saver Device is also an option that you can use. This is a fully automatic AC power saver device, which you have to install in your AC with the help of an engineer. Let us tell you that by installing this device, you can see a reduction of 10 to 40% on the electricity bill of your house. It is quite expensive compared to other devices and you can buy it for Rs 7800.