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Prime Minister Narendra Modi reminded Pandit Nehru’s speech, sharply retaliated on Congress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday replied in Parliament to the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address. During this, he was seen targeting the opposition fiercely. He replied to the opposition regarding the Corona epidemic, inflation and the things said by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in Parliament.

During this, PM Modi also referred to the words of the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. Through this, he also targeted the Congress.

PM Modi first condoled the death of singer Lata Mangeshkar and paid tribute to her.

After this, he talked about the benefit of the poor due to the rapid pace of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

The Prime Minister said, “Today even the poor’s house is being built worth more than lakhs. The one who gets a pucca house comes in the category of lakhpati. Toilets have been built in the houses of the poorest of the country. Who is not happy. If there is light in the house of the poor, then his happiness gives strength to the happiness of the country.

During this, the opposition was seen opposing his words in between and the Prime Minister also kept silencing him.

sharp attack on congress

During this, PM Modi took a sharp dig at the Congress and the opposition parties. The Prime Minister said, “There are many of you, whose thorn is stuck in 2014 itself and is not coming out of it. The people of the country have recognized you, some people have recognized you late but have been recognized. What are the reasons that you can’t imagine.”

The PM said that looking at the attitude of the Congress, it seems that they do not want to come to power for the next 100 years. He said, “When you have made such preparations, then we have also done it.

After this, taking the names of different states, he told that Congress has not come to power in those states for years.

“The people of Nagaland voted for you 24 years ago in 1995. In Odisha, you were in power 27 years ago. In Goa, you got absolute majority in 1994, it’s been 28 years since Goa didn’t accept you again. 34 Years First Tripura accepted you for the last time.”

“People did not like you in UP and Bihar since 1989. People of Tamil Nadu gave you a chance in 1962 i.e. 60 years ago. Rejected only after. Jharkhand has been created for more than 20 years, but Congress remains in power there only through the door of the thief.

He said that the question is not of elections but of good intentions.

He said, “Wherever people have taken the right path, you could not go back there. If we lose an election, it takes months of contemplation. But you have lost so many elections, yet neither your ego nor your ego goes. The eco system allows it to happen.”

After this, in a poetic style, PM Modi said, “If they say day to night, then agree immediately, if you do not agree, they will wear a mask during the day. If needed, they will twist the reality a little bit. They are proud on their own understanding.” Don’t show them the mirror, they will break the mirror too.”

Then, when the opposition created a ruckus, PM Modi said, “A holy place like the House should be useful for the country but it is useful for the party.” It becomes our compulsion to answer.

‘Congress has crossed its limits on Corona’

The Prime Minister accused the opposition of doing politics during the Corona epidemic.

Prime Minister Modi said that the Corona epidemic has been used by the opposition for party politics. Taking the name of Congress, he said that at the time of epidemic, Congress crossed the limit. At the time of Corona lockdown, the people of Congress deliberately sent people back from Maharashtra to other states from their villages and cities.

The Prime Minister made a similar allegation for the Aam Aadmi Party government of Delhi. He said, “The Delhi government drove the poor in Delhi’s slums and left the poor half way to go from Delhi. Created troubles for the workers.”

The Prime Minister said that because of this, in states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, where the corona epidemic was relatively less spread, it started spreading more rapidly.

He said, “Some people were waiting that the corona virus would engulf Modi’s image. Corona has also tested his patience. Every day you people take the name of Mahatma Gandhi to humiliate others. If Modi If you talk about the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, who says ‘Vocal for Local’, then what goes to you in joining this campaign. You guys lead it, what goes.”

Underlining the Made in India, he said, “Today the Made in India Kovid vaccine is the most effective in the world. Today India is approaching the target of 100% first dose and has also completed almost 80% of the second dose phase.” Before 2014, there were only 500 start-ups in our country, but in the last 7 years more than 60 thousand start-ups are working in the country.

Answer on AA variants

Without naming Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s statement about AA variants, the Prime Minister said, “Some people scare entrepreneurs. They say these entrepreneurs are variants of corona virus. What is this? In the 60s to 80s, Nehru said the same thing. Spoken for Indira. You are also speaking the same language. The punching bag has changed, the habit has not changed.”

Pandit Nehru’s talk on inflation

Talking about inflation, PM Modi referred to the words of former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

He said that the opposition’s colleagues raised the issue of inflation. You might have forgotten, in the last years of the Congress government, the then finance minister had brazenly said not to expect an Aladdin’s lamp to bring down inflation.

PM Modi said, “Inflation was an issue directly related to the people of the country. Our government has tried to handle it closely. Inflation control has been made the primary goal of financial policy. In the time of Congress, inflation rate was more than 10% This year inflation has been 5.2 percent despite Corona. Food inflation has been less than three percent.

PM Modi quoted Pandit Nehru’s saying, “I am telling what Nehru said to the Red Fort on inflation- ‘Sometimes fighting in Korea also affects us, due to which the price of goods increases. And it gets out of our control too. The first Prime Minister of the country raises his hand in front of the country.

The PM accused the Congress of putting the blame of inflation on the global situation and changing the definition of inflation to reduce the number of poor.

counterattack on the word nation

PM Modi said that this house was insulted by saying that the word ‘nation’ does not come in the constitution. It cannot happen that the nation does not come in the preamble of the constitution. Why is Congress insulting this nation, there is no power or system of government. For us the nation is a living soul and the countrymen have been associated and battling with it for thousands of years.

He also accused the Congress of adopting the policy of divide and rule. He said, “Divisive mindset has entered their DNA. The British have gone, but the divide and rule policy has been made by the Congress as its character. That is why today Congress has become the leader of the tukde tukde gang.”

In the end, PM Modi thanked him for giving him a chance to speak in the House and listen to him.