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Nagpur: Aadhar card application reunites 16 people who have been separated

Aadhar card applications reunite 16 people: 16 people separated for years in Nagpur, Maharashtra has been reunited with their families. They have been identified through the application of an Aadhar card. The Nagpur Aadhaar center is also preparing documents to reunite 16 other people with their families.

New Delhi. Many wonders of the Aadhaar, the biggest identity of the citizens of the country, are already visible. On the one hand, Aadhaar has curbed fraudulent acts in government schemes, and on the other hand, it is also playing an important role in reuniting lost, missing people with their families. In Nagpur, 16 missing people have been reunited with their families due to an Aadhaar card application, while the center in Nagpur has started the paperwork to reunite 16 others with their families. According to the news of the Indian Express, 16 people who have been reunited with their families in Nagpur, including children, the elderly, and the disabled, were separated from their families for years. Some had not met their family for 10 years. These were rehabilitated by NGOs or adopted by new families.

The story of their identity is very interesting. In fact, when these people went to get the Aadhar card, their application was rejected repeatedly in the system. In such a situation, the officials of the Aadhaar Seva Kendra (ASK) in Nagpur speculated that this is happening because their biometric information is already linked to the existing Aadhaar card system. After this, the information in the system was searched and all their original families were reached.

Aadhar Seva Kendra Manager Honorary Captain Anil Marathe in Mankapur said that “These people had come to the center to get the Aadhar card made. But his applications were rejected many times. After that, he contacted us to help us. When I investigated his case, it came to my notice that possibly his biometric information is already linked to an account, perhaps that is why his application is getting rejected time and again. I then referred these cases to the Regional Aadhaar Center in Mumbai and the Technology Center in Bangalore. From there, detailed information related to these people was sent, then it came to know that they were already registered with us. After that, we contacted the families of these people and reunited the missing people.”