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Iran Conducts Airstrike on Balochistan Terrorists with Missile-Drones

Iran attacked Pakistan with several missiles and drones on Tuesday night. Earlier on Monday, Iran had also carried out an airstrike on the Mossad office in Syria.

Iran attacked the bases of the Sunni terrorist organization ‘Jaish-al-Adl’ in Balochistan, Pakistan on Tuesday night with missiles and drones. This information was given by Iran’s government news agency IRNA. The special thing is that after some time of giving the information, the news agency removed this news from its portal.

After this, the first reaction in this matter came from Pakistan at around 2 o’clock in the night. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said- Iran has violated our airspace. During this, two children were killed, while three girls were injured. Iran will have to face serious consequences for this.

Pakistan’s threat – there will be serious consequences
Pakistan further said that this step of Iran is more disturbing because there are many channels of communication between the two countries. We have contacted the Iranian government in Tehran and told them our viewpoint.

Iran’s diplomat has also been summoned. We have always said that terrorism is a threat to the entire world and it has to be dealt with together. But, such unilateral action will spoil the relations between Iran and Pakistan.

According to Iranian media, the area of ​​Pakistan where the attack took place is known as Green Mountain. At present, no statement has come from the Pakistan Army on this matter.

What is the reason for the attack?
Iran is a Shia-majority country, whereas about 95% of the people in Pakistan are Sunni. Sunni organizations in Pakistan have been opposing Iran. Apart from this, the Jaish-al-Adal terrorist organization of Balochistan has been entering the border of Iran and attacking the army there several times. Iran’s army is called the Revolutionary Guard. Iran’s government has warned Pakistan many times to control terrorist organizations.

Iran-Pakistan are supporting Hamas in the war with Israel
Most of the terrorists of Jaish al-Adal have come from other Pakistani terrorist organizations. Iran is openly supporting Hamas in the Israel-Hamas war and Pakistan is also supporting Hamas in this matter.

Iran also attacked Iraq on Monday. Then he had said that Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad has its headquarters in Iraq and it has been targeted. Iraq had summoned Iran’s ambassador, calling it an attack on its country. Later, the Iraqi Army said that this attack would be responded to at the right time.

Oil smuggling is done from Iran border into Pakistan. The Iranian government suffers losses due to this. Smuggling is also a reason for tension between Iran and Pakistan.

8 Iranian soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack
In 2015, relations between Pakistan and Iran had worsened. Then eight Iranian soldiers were killed in clashes with Sunni terrorists who had entered Iranian territory from Pakistan. These terrorists also belonged to Jaish Al Adal. Then the Iranian government said – The soldiers deployed on our border had a clash with the terrorists who had entered from Pakistan. Eight of our soldiers were martyred. We will take retaliatory action in this matter.

Pakistan’s Baluchistan province has a high Sunni population and its terrorists repeatedly attack the soldiers of Shia country Iran. Due to this, a situation of tension remains on the Pakistan-Iran border.

In 2021 also, Iran conducted a surgical strike in Pakistan
In 2021, a report claimed that Iranian army commandos entered Pakistan on the night of 2 February 2021 and carried out a Carried-out surgical strike. Jaish-al-Adal had kidnapped two soldiers of Iran. Commandos had carried out an operation to rescue them.

Iran had not given any advance information about this action to the Pakistani army. On February 3, Iranian soldiers declared their mission successful and informed about the rescue of their comrades.

Iran is the third country that has conducted a surgical strike in Pakistan. Before Iran, America had conducted surgical strikes in Pakistan in 2011 and India in September 2016. 

Jaish al-Adl also attacked a bus of Iranian soldiers in the same area in February 2019. Many Iranian soldiers were killed and dozens were injured in this attack. In October 2018, this terrorist organization had kidnapped 14 Iranian soldiers. This incident was carried out on the Mirzaveh border of the Sistan-Baluchistan province of Iran. Of these, 5 soldiers were released after a month.

It is said that later, in a secret operation, Iranian commandos not only rescued these soldiers but also killed many terrorists of Jaish al-Adal. This was also confirmed by Iran’s ambassador to Pakistan.

Foreign Minister Jaishankar was in Iran
Geopolitics is changing rapidly due to Israel-Hamas and Russia-Ukraine. Yemen’s Houthi rebels and Lebanon’s terrorist organization Hezbollah are taking advantage of this. The special thing is that both these organizations are considered puppets of Iran. Houthi rebels are targeting cargo ships of all countries of the world in the Red Sea.

Keeping in view India’s interests in this geopolitics, our Foreign Minister S Jaishankar was on a tour of Iran on Monday and Tuesday. Meanwhile, a media outlet reported that Houthi rebels are only targeting cargo ships of Western countries and India is not their direct target.

News 18 made this claim based on an intelligence report. According to this, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) or army and Hezbollah together train Houthi rebels.

They also deliver drones, ballistic missiles, and other weapons to the Houthi rebels through ships. According to the report, China helps them in building factories, smuggling weapon parts, and providing advice in many matters. On the other hand, Iran sees India as an ally against the Western countries.