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Inspector recruitment rigging

Vigilance was investigated after registering a case in October 2022 in the Inspector recruitment rigging case. During this period 20 inspectors were suspended. There are many inspectors against whom no evidence of rigging was found, but action will be taken against the rest.

Vigilance has completed the investigation into the Inspector recruitment rigging and handed it over to the government. Vigilance has not found evidence against many inspectors for recruitment by paying money, while the charges against many inspectors have been proven. 20 inspectors have been under suspension since January last year. Now the future of these inspectors has to be decided by the government itself. It is being told that a decision on a case or other action against these inspectors will soon be taken in the Vigilance Committee meeting.

It is noteworthy that in May 2022, STF started the investigation into UKSSSC graduate-level examination rigging. Many accused and copying mafia were also arrested in this investigation. Meanwhile, the matter of rigging in some more recruitments came to light. It was revealed that there was large-scale rigging in the Inspector Direct Recruitment examination held in 2015.

Pant Nagar University conducted this examination. After the recommendation of the police headquarters, this case was handed over to Vigilance. On October 8, 2022, Vigilance registered a case against a total of eight people including the counterfeit mafia in the Haldwani sector.

The case was under investigation since he gave money to the mafia by mortgaging the family properties. Based on suspicion, the police headquarters had suspended 20 inspectors in January 2023. In this entire case, the properties of the inspectors and their family members were also investigated. It was revealed that some inspectors had given money to the mafia by mortgaging their family properties.

Till that time these were all the allegations. It is being told that Vigilance has already found such evidence against some of these inspectors, but there are many inspectors whose names were unnecessarily dragged into this case. He had passed the examination at his level. Now Vigilance has investigated the entire matter and sent the report to the government.

33 percent of inspectors were declared incompetent

At the beginning of the investigation, suspicion was raised that at least 33 percent of the total recruited inspectors were incompetent. Most of them do not even know how to write their case diary. He also takes help from others for all these works. Let us tell you that in 2015, a total of 339 inspectors were recruited through direct recruitment.

Vigilance has completed its investigation. The investigation report has been sent to the government. No further action will be taken on this by holding a meeting at the government level itself. The government has been informed about the facts that have emerged in the investigation. A decision on this can be taken soon.