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INS Vikrant: Navy got INS Vikrant, PM Modi said – India’s spirits are high in the world

Indian Navy: Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated INS Vikrant to the Indian Navy. During this, he said that INS Vikrant is a symbol of indigenous resources and indigenous skills.

INS Vikrant: Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated INS Vikrant to the Indian Navy in Cochin, Kerala. Apart from this, PM Modi also launched the new logo of the Navy. During this, the Prime Minister said that India’s spirits are high in the world. INS Vikrant is not only a warship but the pride of all of us Indians.

INS Vikrant is ‘Virat, unique and special

Prime Minister Modi said, Vikrant is huge, Virat is, he is a giant. Vikrant is special, and Vikrant is special too. Vikrant is not just a warship. It is a testament to the hard work, talent, influence, and commitment of 21st-century India. The whole of India is witnessing the sunrise of a new future on the coast of Kerala. This event, being held on INS Vikrant, is a cry of India’s rising spirits on the world horizon.

‘INS Vikrant is a symbol of self-reliance’

He said that goals are short, journeys are long, and oceans and challenges are endless, then India’s answer is Vikrant. Vikrant is the incomparable elixir of the elixir of freedom. Vikrant is a unique reflection of India becoming self-reliant. This is a precious opportunity of pride for every Indian. This is an opportunity to increase the pride and self-respect of every Indian. I congratulate every Indian for this.

Vikrant instills a new confidence

PM Modi said, ‘Today India has joined those countries in the world, which build such a huge aircraft carrier with indigenous technology. Today INS Vikrant has filled the country with new confidence and has created a new confidence in the country. Every part of INS Vikrant has its own merits, a strength, and a development journey of its own. It is a symbol of indigenous potential, indigenous resources, and indigenous skills. The steel installed in its airbase is also indigenous.