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India received the first formal letter from Taliban

The Taliban has written the first formal letter to India after Afghanistan took over power on August 15. In this, a demand has been made to start the operation of flights.

The Taliban has sent the first formal letter to India after Afghanistan came to power on August 15, in which it has appealed to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to resume flight operations to Kabul. At present, the Ministry of Civil Aviation is reviewing it. India suspended all its commercial flights to Kabul on August 15 following the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan.

This letter to the Government of India has been written by Alhaj Hamidullah Akhunzada, Acting Minister of the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority in the new Islamic Emirate government of Afghanistan. It is being told that this letter has been written on 7 September by addressing the Director General of Civil Aviation, Arun Kumar. 

Source News By: Times Now Navbharat.

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