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Inclusive Education Webinar by Yuvaan Gurukul a Resounding Success

June 11, 2024 – The Yuvaan Gurukul successfully hosted a highly informative webinar titled “Creating Inclusive Classroom Environments,” which saw enthusiastic participation from about 40 educators and education students hailing from top schools across India. The webinar, conducted from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM via Google Meet, was a resounding success, reflecting the growing commitment to inclusive education practices within the educational community.

The session was designed to deepen participants’ understanding and practical skills in fostering inclusive classroom environments. Attendees explored a range of topics, including the concept and significance of inclusion in education, classroom diversity, the challenges of creating inclusive learning spaces, and the principles of inclusion. The webinar also emphasized the pivotal role of teachers in cultivating supportive and inclusive educational settings.

Participants left the webinar with a renewed commitment to inclusive education and a valuable certificate of participation, bolstering their professional credentials. The engaging and insightful discussions equipped them with the knowledge and tools necessary to create more accessible and welcoming classrooms for all students.

The event’s success underscores the importance of such initiatives in advancing inclusive education and highlights Yuvaan Research & Educational Trust’s dedication to empowering educators across the nation. The interactive nature of the session, coupled with the diverse perspectives of the participants, contributed to a rich and transformative learning experience.

About The Resource Person: Ms. Lavanya is a passionate and dedicated Special Educator specializing in Intellectual Disability. She is registered with the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), Lavanya is deeply committed to empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities to realize their full potential through tailored educational programs and personalized support.

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