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Haridwar Ganga Flood Alert: Banganga flowing near the warning mark, Haridwar may be submerged

Uttarakhand News: The officials of the administration have become alert due to the increase in the water level of Banganga. On the other hand, Alaknanda is also flowing near the warning level in Joshimath. There can be a danger of flood due to this. People living on the banks of river Ganga are being appealed to go to safer places.

Rashmi Khatri, Dehradun: Ganga is flowing near the danger mark in Haridwar. The water level of Ganga has increased due to the rains in the mountainous region. Because of this people living on the banks of the river are being alerted. According to the report of the Central Water Commission Office Haridwar, the water level of Banganga (Raisi district Haridwar) increased on Thursday morning. In view of the increase in the water level, the State Emergency Operation Center has instructed the District Magistrate Haridwar to keep all the works active for rescue and relief work. He has also directed the District Magistrate to send information every hour to the State Emergency Operation Center. Numbers have been issued to give any information related to the disaster.

According to Central Flood Control Room Irrigation Department Uttarakhand, Alaknanda is flowing around the warning water level in Joshimath. While the water level of Sonali River in Roorkee is currently well below the warning mark. Ganga is currently flowing at 338.85 meters at Rishikesh Triveni Ghat. Here the water level of the Ganges is at the danger mark of 340.50. The water level of river Ganga in Haridwar is 2 meters below the danger mark. The Ganges is flowing here at 292 meters while the danger level is 294 meters. The water level of Ganga is increasing due to the rains in the mountainous areas. The State Emergency Operation Center has instructed the Haridwar district administration to be vigilant in view of the flood situation that occurred due to the breach of Sonali river embankment in the Laksar area due to torrential rains.

Please tell that there is a high alert in the districts situated on the banks of the Ganges. SDRF personnel are deployed along the banks of the Ganga with rescue and relief equipment. If the water level of Ganga continues to rise in this way, then the city of Haridwar may be submerged once again in the coming days. Due to filling of water in the low-lying areas, there can be flood and in view of the possibility of heavy loss, the district administration SDRF NDRF has been asked to be alert. People and villages living on the banks of the Ganges are being told to be vigilant and appeals are also being made to move to safer places as the water in the Ganges rises.