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Haridwar : Food poisoning after eating buckwheat flour

72 people of Haridwar fell ill after eating buckwheat flour imported at home due to Navratri fasting. The incident of food poisoning in the city has created a stir in the district administration. All have been admitted to the hospital.

About 125 people in Haridwar fell ill after eating a dish made from buckwheat flour. The sick people were admitted to the District Hospital in Haridwar, Ramkishan Mission at Kankhal, Bhumanand and the private hospital at Shyampur Kangri. The number of patients may also increase. The District Magistrate has issued instructions to ban the sale of buckwheat flour. Along with this, the District Magistrate has said about action under the National Security Act against those found guilty in the investigation.

Many people observing fast on the first Navratri ate buckwheat flour dumplings, roti and poori on Saturday night. But at night many people in Brahmapuri started complaining of vomiting, upset stomach and shivering. After this, a few patients started reaching the district hospital at around one o’clock on Saturday night. After treating them, the doctors sent them home. By 4 o’clock on Sunday, the number of such patients from Brahmapuri and Shyampur Kangri started increasing continuously and people started reaching different hospitals. 

CMO Dr. Kumar Khagendra Singh informed that the total number of patients admitted in District and Mela Hospital is 78. 14 people are admitted in Ramkishan Mission Hospital in Kankhal, 18 in Haridwar-Roorkee highway hospital and 15 in private hospital located in Shyampur. District Magistrate Vinay Shankar Pandey said that orders have been given to investigate from where Kuttu flour was purchased. Whoever is found guilty in the investigation will be punished under the National Security Act.