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Haldwani violence: Curfew imposed in Banbhulpura violence affected area

Haldwani, the second largest city of Uttarakhand, has not yet come under control from the fire of violence. The situation is under control, but the police administration is not ready to relax in any way until the rioters are arrested. Today is the fourth day and on Saturday the administration relaxed the curfew a bit. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has made it clear that such action will be taken against the rioters that it will become an example for the future also.

In the case of violence, it is also coming to light that despite being stopped by the police, the miscreants did not relent and went ahead and pelted stones at children, elderly people, and women. A video of children pelting stones is also going viral. Regarding this entire episode, Intelligence has also prepared a bundle of negligence of the Nainital Police Administration. Intelligence had sent reports not once or twice, but five times, informing the administration about the sensitivity of the action at a particular place. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has said that those who disturb the peace and harmony of Devbhoomi will not be spared at any cost.

In this matter, DM Nainital Vandana Singh says that this violence did not erupt suddenly, but the administration and municipal corporation team were attacked as part of a well-planned conspiracy. The situation was such that the women policemen had to take shelter in the homes of local people to save their lives. The question that arises here is that when the intelligence had already warned the administration about the sensitivity of the matter, then why was it ignored? Intelligence had also reported that the action would be taken in the morning, but again why was the evening time chosen?

1-8 February: Violence broke out in the evening

On February 8, at 3:16 pm, the administration and municipal corporation team reached the spot to remove the encroachment. When the team that had come to remove the structures of the religious place started the action, suddenly a crowd gathered. Seeing the situation worsening, he asked for security forces from the local police station at 4:15. Within 15 minutes, the police force from all the nearby posts and police stations reached the spot at 4:30. Seeing the police force, some leaders talked to them, but in the meantime, an argument broke out with the local people. Here, before the police understood anything, the angry mob broke the police barricades on the other side at 4:45.

2- Crowd stopped JCB

At 5 o’clock the crowd stopped the JCB which was removing the encroachment and stood in front of it. Misbehaved with JCB driver. Seeing the matter worsening, demand for more force was made. After the arrival of the force, the police started working again at 5:05. When the JCB started running again, stone pelting started at the police at 5:10. Then the police chased the people here and there with sticks.

3- The situation kept getting worse

After some time the crowd again pelted stones at the police. The police again dispersed the crowd and got the work started. At 5:18 pm, the frenzied mob once again pelted stones at the team and surrounded the police from all sides, shouting slogans. At 5.25 minutes the police warned the area through speakers. When the crowd did not disperse, tear gas shells were fired at the protesters at 5:28, but the situation worsened.

4- Fire started with petrol bombs

At 5:45 pm, protesters set fire to vehicles parked on the road. At 6:05 it was learned that more than 40 policemen had been injured in the incident. All these police personnel were immediately sent to the hospital. Policemen were recalled from the affected area, but by then the police were trapped in the streets. At 6:40 police vehicles were also set on fire, where petrol bombs were used to set the fire. At 7:00 the fire became even more fierce and gradually there was an atmosphere of chaos.

5- Violence stopped at 3 o’clock in the night

At 8:15, District Magistrate Vandana Singh, seeing the situation worsening, issued orders to impose a curfew in the area. Even after this, the news of the petrol bomb attack came at 10:00 pm. During this time, Banbhulpura police station was also set on fire by the frenzied crowd. Till around 12:00 in the night, all the senior officials came out in the city and kept taking stock of the situation. Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami also kept taking information about the situation through video conferencing from Haldwani officials till 2:00 the night. The violence stopped at 3:00 in the night.

6- 9 February: CM Dhami reached Haldwani.

On February 9, CM Dhami reached Haldwani and inquired about the well-being of the injured administration, police, and media personnel. More than 150 police administration and media employees were injured in this entire violence. In the violence case, police registered a case against 5000 people including 18 named on the complaint of SO Mukhani, Assistant Municipal Commissioner and SO Banbhulpura.

7- Orders to shoot rioters

The Chief Minister ordered a shoot on site as soon as he saw the rioters during the curfew. On February 9, the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary Radha Raturi, and DGP Abhinav Kumar reached the violence-affected area and took stock of the area.

8- 10 February: Five named accused arrested

On February 10, out of 19 named, 5 accused were Mehboob Alam, son of Abdul Rauf, resident of Line No. 16. Banbhulpura, Jishan Parvez, son of Late. Jalil Ahmed resident of Ward No. 21, Indranagar Line No. 14, Banbhulpura, Arshad s/o Amir Ahmed resident of Line No. 12, Banbhulpura, Javed Siddiqui s/o Late. Abdul Moin resident of Line No. 17, Banbhulpura, Aslam alias Aslam Chaudhary, son of Late. Ibrahim resident of Line No. 03, Banmoolpura was arrested.

9- Police force alert across the state

The police are conducting raids in search of Abdul Malik, the owner of Malik’s garden, the mastermind of the violence. Curfew was lifted from all places except the violence-affected area. In the Banbhulpura case, the police also increased the section of Unlawful Activities (UAPA) in one of the three cases. The force is on alert in the state. The district administration is providing essential commodities like milk, ration medicines, etc. to the people in the curfew-affected area.

10- Exam today

Written examination for the posts of Livestock Extension Officer, Assistant Training Officer (Chemical Branch), Supervisor/Exhibitor, and Inspector (Silk) is being conducted today at nine examination centers in Haldwani, for which the admit cards of the candidates have been considered passed. Internet service has also been restored in Haldwani except the violence-hit area.