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Dehradun immersed in devotion to Shri Ram

Even before the consecration of the Ram temple, the atmosphere of Doon has become Ram-filled. On one hand, Shri Ram Bhajan evening was organized at the CM residence and on the other hand, a grand procession was taken out in the city. During this time the entire city was seen in the colors of Ram.

A procession will be organized on Saturday under Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Pran Pratishtha. For this the police have diverted routes. The procession will start from the Parade Ground and end at the Rangers Ground via Kanak Chowk-Orient Chowk-Ghantaghar-Paltan Bazaar-Dispensary Road-Darshanlal Chowk.

Dropping points have been set at various places for buses coming from outside. Six parking spaces have been identified for local vehicles. SP Traffic Sarvesh Panwar said that during this period, police force will be deployed at various duty points. An appeal has been made to the public to use alternative routes instead of the procession routes.

These are the parking lots

Rangers Ground, Mangala Devi Inter College, Pavilion Ground, Lord Venkatesan Wedding Point, vacant ground on Mall Road opposite The Doon School (for buses) and Bannu School (for buses).

Buses coming from outside will disembark passengers here

– Buses coming from Chakrata Road will drop people at Ghantaghar.

– Buses coming from Rajpur, Raipur, Haridwar Road will alight at Survey Chowk.

– Buses coming from Saharanpur Road will empty at Buddha Chowk and go to their parking place.

Diversion Point

– All Vikram and Magic coming from ISBT, Kanwali Road will go back through the railway gate.

– All Vikrams coming from Dharampur will return from CMI.

– All Vikram and Magic vehicles coming from Premnagar, Kaulagarh will be turned back from Bindal.

– All Vikram and Magic vehicles coming from Rajpur Road will be turned back from in front of Secretariat Gate.

– All Vikram and Magic coming from Sahasradhara Road Maldevata side will return from Sahasradhara crossing.

This will be the traffic plan

-When the procession starts from the Parade Ground, no vehicle will move from Survey Chowk, Buddha Chowk and Darshanlal Chowk towards Lansdowne Chowk. Traffic coming towards Raipur Road will be diverted towards EC Road.-After the procession reaches Kanak Chowk, there will be no traffic towards Orient Chowk, Pacific, Lansdowne Chowk. Vehicles coming from Rajpur Road towards Ghantaghar will be diverted from Bahal Chowk towards EC Road.

-When the procession reaches Ghantaghar, the traffic coming from Chakrata Road will not be sent towards Darshanlal Chowk but will be sent towards Bahal Chowk. This traffic will be able to go towards its destination via EC Road. Also, vehicles will not be sent from Darshanlal, Buddha Chowk towards Ghantaghar.

-After the procession reaches Dispensary Road, the traffic going from Tehsil Chowk to Darshanlal will be diverted towards Buddha Chowk via Doon Chowk.

-When the procession reaches Darshanlal Chowk, no traffic will go from Buddha Chowk, Ghantaghar, Tehsil towards Darshanlal Chowk.

-Once the procession reaches Rangers Ground, traffic will be normalized from all places as per the orders of higher officials.

All the drivers going from Rajpur Road and Raipur Road to Chakrata Road have been appealed to use Dilaram Cantt and from Araghar to Prince Chowk to go to Chakrata Road. Apart from this, people will face more pressure on Parade Ground, Ghantaghar, Darshanlal Chowk, Rajpur Road, EC Road and Buddha Chowk from 12 noon to 3 pm. In such a situation, the police has appealed to use alternative routes to reach these places.