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China: Corona returns again

Covid Restrictions Imposed In China: People associated with non-essential services have been advised not to step out of the house. After increasing the cases of Corona, it was announced to impose lockdown.

BEIJING: Amid the rise in the number of coronavirus cases in China, strict COVID-19 restrictions have been imposed in the country’s two largest cities, Shenzhen and Shanghai. has been implemented. Recently, new cases of corona have increased rapidly, after which the Chinese administration was forced to impose lockdown in major cities of China.

china alert as corona cases increase

Let us inform that after the increase in the cases of corona virus, antigen test of people is being done and many senior officers have also been sacked for negligence.

One week lockdown announced

Know that a one-week lockdown has been announced in Shenzhen. People connected with non-essential services have been advised to stay at home. Apart from this, adults have been asked to undergo PCR test. At the same time, a partial lockdown has been announced in Shanghai. People have been advised not to leave the city.

The administration made this appeal to the people

According to the National Health Commission of China, 3,122 new cases of corona were reported in China on Sunday. At the same time, 1,524 cases were registered on Saturday. After the increase in the cases of Corona, the administration announced strictness. People have been appealed to wear face masks and wash their hands frequently.

Significantly, China is working on the Covid Zero Policy. All those who have been found corona infected have been isolated. China is trying to succeed in stopping the spread of the corona virus by working under its new Kovid policy.