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10 opponents of Vladimir Putin died suspiciously

The missile attack on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, Russian business tycoon Pavel Antonov wrote, “It’s hard to call it anything other than terrorism, to be honest.”

Russia-Ukraine war: Ever since the war between Russia and Ukraine started. Ten critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin have died under suspicious circumstances. Recently, the body of Russia’s business tycoon ‘Pavel Antonov’ was found in a hotel in the Odisha state of India. Antonov was a well-known name. He opposed Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Antonov’s death is raising many questions. 

Antonov opposed the missile attack

In fact, a 7-year-old girl and her mother were injured in a missile attack in the Shevchenkivsky district of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. A person had died there who was said to be the father of that girl. Saddened by the attack, Antonov wrote, “A child has been pulled from the rubble. It seems that the child’s father has died. His mother was pulled out of the crane. She was buried under a stone.” He then wrote, “To be honest, it is very difficult to call it anything other than terrorism.”

Antonov was Russia’s richest MP in the year 2019

Antonov was the richest parliamentarian in Russia in the year 2019. Before his death, the body of his friend Vladimir Budanov was also found in the same hotel. It is being told that Budanov died due to a stroke. Antonov was also the head of the Committee on Agricultural Policy and the Environment. Antonov’s WhatsApp message was believed to be a protest against the special military operation in Ukraine. However, he said that this message was posted by his manager by mistake.

Railway company officer shot himself

Apart from Antonov, the body of 52-year-old Pavel Chelnikov was also found in his Moscow apartment. He died due to a bullet injury. Russian media claimed that Chelnikov had shot himself. Chelnikov was an officer in the Government Railway Company. A few days before his death, he shared a picture of the holiday with his family. In such a situation, when the news of his suicide came, everyone was shocked. It was said that the Putin government had a lot of pressure on Russia’s railways.

Putin’s close friend died while getting off the flight

A few weeks before Chelnikov’s death, Putin’s close aide Anatoly Gerashchenko was killed while descending the stairs of a flight. As per reports, 73-year-old Gerashchenko, who was also an aviation major, fell down several stairs at the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI). It was said that he had died as soon as he fell. Gerashchenko was said to have dropped from the list of people close to President Putin a few years ago. 

Death of Ivan Pechorin, close to Putin

The September death of Ivan Pechorin, a Putin aide who developed Arctic resources for Russia, was also considered a mystery. Pechorin, 29, fell from the boat and died at the same time. Pechorin was the man who discovered many resources in the Arctic for Russia.

Death of Russian oil businessman 

Similarly, Russia’s oil businessman Ravil Magnav also died under suspicious circumstances. Magnav, 64, was the head of the Russian oil company Lakoil. His death after falling from the Central Clinic Hospital in Moscow shocked everyone. The death of Magnav, who fell from the sixth floor of the hospital, was considered very mysterious. On 25 February, a day after the start of the war, the body of Alexander Tyulakov, a senior deputy director general rank officer of the Russian gas company Gazprom, was found by his girlfriend. At the same time, the body of 61-year-old Sikandar was found in the garage of his house.

Leonid Shulman’s body found

The body of 60-year-old Leonid Shulman was found three weeks before Alexander’s death. He was the head of transport at Gazprom Invest. Schulman’s body was found in the bathroom and she had been attacked multiple times. Similarly, 51-year-old Vladislav Ayvayev, vice chairman of Gazprombank, was shot dead in his Moscow penthouse.

Sergei Protosenya’s body was found hanging

The body of 55-year-old Sergei Protosenya was found hanging in Spain. In March, the bodies of Russian billionaire Vasily Melnikov, his wife, and two sons were found hanged in a luxury apartment in Nizhny Novgorod. Injury marks were found on his body. Police had said on the incident that Melniko first killed his family and then committed suicide. Neighbors, however, said they did not believe Melniko could do anything bad to their family or anyone else.