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Uttarakhand Government Plan to Replace Autos and Vikrams with Electric Vehicles

The Uttarakhand government has decided to take strict action against 10-year-old diesel-powered autos and Vikram vehicles that are still plying on the roads. The government has formulated a plan to seize such vehicles and replace them with electric vehicles.

The decision to phase out old diesel-powered vehicles is aimed at curbing air pollution in the state. The government has also announced that it will offer incentives to people who want to purchase electric vehicles to encourage the adoption of cleaner modes of transportation.

The move is in line with the central government’s ambitious plan to make India a 100% electric vehicle nation by 2030. Several states have already taken steps towards achieving this goal, including Delhi, which has launched an electric vehicle policy aimed at boosting the adoption of electric vehicles.

The Uttarakhand government’s decision to phase out old diesel-powered vehicles is a welcome step towards reducing air pollution in the state. It is important for other states to follow suit and take similar measures to reduce pollution levels in their respective states. The shift towards electric vehicles is crucial for the country’s overall goal of reducing its carbon footprint and mitigating the effects of climate change.