Uttarakhand Government Owes Rs 139 Cr In Electricity Bills | The Shivalik

Uttarakhand Government Owes Rs 139 Cr in Electricity Bills

The Chief Secretary has ordered all departments to deposit electricity bills by March 20. Government departments are sitting on electricity bills worth Rs 139 crore.

Government departments are pressing the electricity bill of Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited (UPCL) worth Rs 139 crore 88 lakh. Now the Chief Secretary has ordered the Additional Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary, and Secretaries of all the departments to pay the dues by March 20.

The letter issued by Chief Secretary Radha Raturi said that since the Central Government is running the RDSS scheme to improve the power distribution sector. Under this UPCL will get an improvement grant. One of the conditions of the grant is that for this the outstanding electricity bills of all the government departments should be deposited. Therefore, he has asked all the departments to deposit the money immediately. It has also been asked to provide this information by March 20.

UPCL to get Rs 2,600 crore from RDSS

UPCL will get Rs 2,600 crore under the Revised Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS). With this amount, UPCL’s supply infrastructure will be strengthened. Electricity theft will stop. Power lines will be laid underground. Under the scheme, AB cables will be laid to prevent electricity theft and line loss. Apart from this, work will also be done to increase the capacity of all the stations.

Dues on government departments

Almora- Rs 6.69 crore

Bageshwar-Rs 1.02 crore

Chamoli – Rs 2.39 crore

Champawat-Rs 1.14 crore

Dehradun-Rs 11.97 crore

Haridwar- Rs 61.83 crore

Nainital-Rs 13.42 crore

Pauri – Rs 1.55 crore