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Twitter news: Twitter Fails to Protect Users from Trolling

Twitter Can’t Protect You From Trolls Anymore, The increasing problem of online harassment and abuse on Twitter. Despite Twitter’s efforts to combat trolling and abusive behavior, many insiders believe that the platform has failed to adequately protect its users.

According to the article, the rise of anonymous accounts and the ease with which trolls can create new accounts has made it difficult for Twitter to effectively police abusive behavior. The article cites examples of users who have been subjected to racist, sexist, and threatening messages on Twitter, and who have received little help from the platform in addressing the issue.

Also, the psychological impact of online harassment on individuals, noting that it can lead to anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. Twitter needs to take a more proactive approach to address online harassment and ensure the safety of its users.

In conclusion, the growing problem of online harassment and abuse on Twitter suggests that the platform needs to do more to protect its users. It calls for greater accountability and transparency from Twitter, and for the platform to take a more proactive approach to address the issue of online harassment.