Things diabetics must keep in mind after taking the Covid vaccine

People with diabetes who recently got vaccinated must include food that enhances immunity. (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Experts have often said that people with diabetes are at an increased risk of developing complications related to Covid-19, and that they must get themselves vaccinated as early as possible. But, vaccination is frequently accompanied by the fear of developing any side effects. However, people must not shy away from taking the vaccine, stress doctors.

“Individuals with diabetes, especially, must take the vaccination to reduce their risk of developing Covid-19 related complications,” said Dr Anil Reddy, senior diabetes specialist, Lord hospital, Tadipatri, Anantapur, adding that they can take note of a few things which will help them manage any effects post the jab.

Highlighting the importance of a balanced diet for diabetics, especially after taking Covid-19 vaccination, Dr Reddy said that it helps to maintain a stable blood glucose level. Also, diet plays a critical role in building immunity and enhancing it.

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