Reels And Videography Will Now Be Banned In Hemkund Sahib | The Shivalik

Reels and videography will now be banned in Hemkund Sahib

Videography and making of reels have already been banned in Char Dham. Now this system has been implemented in Hemkund Sahib as well. The doors here were opened on 25 May. On the first day, about 3200 devotees came for darshan.

Dehradun: These days, the youth is addicted to making reels to show their real life and give moment-to-moment updates on social media. Wherever these new-age youths go, they start making reels without caring about the etiquette of the place. But along with the four Dhams, reels and videography will now be banned in Hemkund Sahib. The doors of Hemkund Sahib have been opened for the devotees after Ardaas on Saturday. Devotees are reaching the Gurudwara to pay obeisance by walking on the Aastha Path made amidst the snow. On the first day, 3200 devotees had reached.

Narendrajit Singh Bindra, President of Hemkund Sahib Management Trust, said that no reels and videography of any kind will be done around the Gurudwara. Right now there is a lot of snow on Hemkund Sahib and Astha Path, so the elderly, small children, and sick people should avoid the journey for some time. According to the information, for the devotees who are unable to come to Hemkund Sahib, live broadcasting is being done from the Gurudwara on TV channels.

The army officers and soldiers of the 418-Independent Engineering Corps of the army, who were engaged in removing snow from the Astha Path of Hemkund Sahib for the last month, were honored by presenting shawl and sword on behalf of Hemkund Sahib Management Trust. The Yatra route was covered with snow from Atlakoti Glacier Point, two km ahead of Ghangaria, to Hemkund Sahib (four km). The work of removing snow from the Hemkund Sahib route started on April 23. Snow was removed from Astha Path within a month by 35 army soldiers and sevadars.