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Now beer will become expensive

Now in the new excise policy, arrangements have been made for the sale of new types of liquor. The name of this liquor will be Metro.

New metro liquor will be sold in five districts from the new year. This new liquor can be sold from foreign liquor shops. Country liquor is not sold in these five districts of Uttarakhand Garhwal. In such a situation, this liquor with 40 percent strength is being considered as a product between local and foreign liquor.

This liquor can be manufactured only in the distilleries of the state. For this, various rules and regulations including revenue will be decided before March 31. It is noteworthy that country liquor is not sold in Uttarkashi, Tehri, Rudraprayag, Pauri, and Chamoli of Garhwal. Now in the new excise policy, arrangements have been made for the sale of new types of liquor in these places.

The name of this liquor will be Metro. Let us tell you that the intensity of English liquor made in India is 42.8. Whereas, country liquor has an intensity of 36 and 25 percent. But, the intensity of the metro will be 40 percent. That means the alcohol content in it will be 40 percent. In such a situation, due to the non-sale of country liquor in these districts for a long time, it is being considered as an alternative to country liquor. However, separate contracts will not be opened for this. It can be purchased only from foreign liquor shops.

Sale of sea-imported beer is not allowed at domestic liquor shops.

Rules regarding the supply rate of metro liquor, MGD payable, excise duty, and wholesale license will be decided on 31st March. Metro Liquor will be made in the distilleries of the state from high-quality spirits flavored with fruits and vegetables. Apart from this, many new arrangements have been made in the new excise policy. The sale of sea-imported beer will not be allowed at domestic liquor shops. However, beer produced in the country can be sold from these shops.

Beer will become expensive

Beer is going to become expensive from the new financial year. This time beer has been brought under the ambit of a surcharge. Along with this, a handling charge has also been imposed on it. Due to this, it is believed that all types of beer will become more expensive than before. Along with this, the prices of liquor will also be affected this time. It is being told that due to the new arrangements, liquor will become more expensive than before in the state. This time a budget provision of Rs 1 crore has been made for anti-drug propaganda.

Liquor can be transported anywhere

Shopkeepers can take their liquor anywhere in the district and state. If you want to take it to any other shop in the district, you will have to pay a fee of Rs 50 per box. Whereas, for taking it out of the district, this fee has been increased to Rs 100. Permission will be taken from the Excise Commissioner for transportation. However, this can be done by the transport side only if there is a guarantee that there will be no loss of revenue.

Other departments will not check shops

In fact, other departments can also check liquor vends on various types of complaints. Like tax, police, etc. But, now this permission will be given with conditions. For this, permission will be taken from the District Magistrate 48 hours in advance. Only after this, the checking can be done. In such a situation, it is also believed that if there is a complaint of irregularities today, then there is no guarantee whether they will remain after two days or not.