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Kedarnath Dham Passenger fighting over Heli ticket

The argument between the passenger and the employee over the helicopter ticket escalated into verbal abuse, pushing, and shoving eventually leading to a fight. During this, an employee of the helicopter company fell to the ground due to the passenger’s push, causing a serious injury to his hand.

In Kedarnath, a passenger got into a fight with the employees of a helicopter company over a helicopter ticket. During this, the hand of an employee of the helicopter company got fractured and he was admitted to a local hospital. After the intervention of the administration and police, the matter was settled after a compromise was reached between the two parties.

On Wednesday afternoon at around 4 pm, a passenger started arguing with the employees at the Crystal Company’s ticket counter camp on the MI-26 helipad regarding the ticket. It is being told that the passenger was claiming to be a relative of some VIP and was demanding a ticket to Kedarghati from the heli company employees.

During this, the argument between the two sides escalated, escalated to abuse, pushing and shoving, and even fighting. During this, an employee of the helicopter company fell on the ground due to the push of a passenger, due to which his hand got seriously injured. On receiving the information, Assistant Sector Magistrate Ankit Rawat reached the spot along with other employees. He took the injured employee to the local hospital, where his hand was found to be fractured during examination.

The matter was ended after a reconciliation agreement. The victim party also gave a letter to the police against the accused passenger. But later both parties reached a compromise. Here, the nodal officer of the helicopter service, Rahul Chaubey, said that a report of the entire incident has been sought through the administration.

Along with this, all heli company managements have been directed to ensure that such incidents do not occur again at Kedar Valley and Kedarnath helipad. Kedarnath police outpost in-charge Manjul Rawat said that both parties apologized to each other and the matter was ended after reaching a reconciliation agreement.