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Indians in Israel brought back safely to Delhi

Operation Ajay: Indian citizens were brought back to Delhi from Israel under Operation Ajay at 5:50 a.m. today by a special aircraft by the Government of India. In this, two citizens of Uttarakhand, Aarti Joshi and Ayush Mehra, were received at the airport in Delhi by the representative of the Uttarakhand government. After returning safely, he left for Dehradun with his family and thanked the government.

Jagran correspondent, Dehradun.  Operation Ajay: Under Operation Ajay, Indian citizens were brought back to Delhi from Israel by a special aircraft by the Government of India at 5:50 a.m. today. In this, two citizens of Uttarakhand, Aarti Joshi and Ayush Mehra, were received at the airport in Delhi by the representative of the Uttarakhand government. After returning safely, he left for Dehradun with his family and thanked the government.

Let us tell you that the Local Commissioner of the Uttarakhand Government has made arrangements for the citizens of Uttarakhand to be brought back from Israel to India by receiving them at the airport and sending them to their destination after coming to Uttarakhand Sadan Delhi, having food, etc. through state road transport. Around 18,000 Indians are likely to be in Israel and the Indian government is bringing them back safely to their country in Operation Ajay.

What is the matter behind the attack on Israel?

There has been a clash between Israel and Hamas once again. Hamas has claimed to have fired 5,000 rockets at Israel from the Gaza Strip. One woman has officially died due to the Hamas attack. Israel has also warned Hamas and asked it to be prepared for war. Information has come to light that Hamas fighters have infiltrated into Israel and opened fire on soldiers. 

Israel has also responded to the Palestinian extremist organization Hamas. An encounter is taking place between Israeli soldiers and Hamas fighters near the Gaza Strip. Israel has started attacking the Gaza Strip. This is not the first time that there has been a war between Israel and the Palestinian extremist organization Hamas. There was a war between the two in 2021. In such a situation, let us know what is the Israel-Palestine dispute, due to which Hamas and Israel have clashed this time. 

What is the geography of Israel-Palestine? 

Israel is a Jewish country present in the Middle East. The West Bank is present in its eastern part, where the ‘Palestine National Authority runs the government for the Palestinian people. It has been recognized by the United Nations. There is a strip on the southwestern part of Israel, which is surrounded on two sides by Israel, on one side by the Mediterranean Sea, and on the other side by Egypt. It is known as the Gaza Strip. The West Bank and Gaza Strip are commonly known as Palestine. 

There is an Israeli government in Israel, while the Fatah party runs the government in the West Bank. Gaza Strip is under the control of Hamas. Only the ‘Palestine National Authority’ is seen as Palestine. There is a government in one part of it, i.e. the West Bank, but the government has no control over the other part, the Gaza Strip. Hamas continued to rule here from 2007 until the coup. Jerusalem, the holy city of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, is located in the West Bank. 

What is the Israel-Palestine dispute? 

The Israel-Palestine dispute is more than 100 years old. After the defeat of the Ottoman Sultanate in the First World War, Britain took control of the part known as Palestine. At that time there was no country named Israel. The area from Israel to the West Bank was known as Palestinian territory. Minority Jews and the majority of Arabs lived here. The Palestinian people were Arabs living here, while the Jewish people are said to have come from outside. 

The dispute between the Palestinians and the Jews began when the international community asked Britain to establish Palestine as a ‘national home’ for the Jewish people. The Jews believed that this was the home of their ancestors. On the other hand, Palestinian Arabs wanted to create a new country named Palestine. He strongly opposed Britain’s move to create a new country. In this way, the Palestine-Israel dispute started. 

beginning of building a new country

There were atrocities against Jews in Europe between 1920 and 1940. Jews fled from there and started arriving here in search of a homeland. The Jews believed that this was their motherland and that they would create their own country here. During this period, violence also took place between Jews and Palestinians. In 1947, the United Nations called for a vote to create separate countries for Jews and Arabs. The United Nations also said that Jerusalem will be made an international city. 

Although the Jews accepted this statement of the United Nations, the Arab people opposed it. For this reason, it was never implemented. When this problem could not be solved by Britain, he left from here. Then in 1948, Jewish leaders announced the creation of Israel. The Palestinians opposed this and thus the first war between the two sides began. By the time the ceasefire came into effect, Israel had a large portion.

Controversy over Jerusalem

Arab countries like Jordan and Egypt fought for the Palestinian people. However, due to their defeat, Palestine remained limited to a small part. The land that came under the control of Jordan was named West Bank. Whereas the area occupied by Egypt was called the Gaza Strip. At the same time, the city of Jerusalem was divided between Israeli security forces in the west and Jordanian security forces in the east. All this was done without any peace agreement. 

When war broke out again in 1967, this time Israel captured East Jerusalem as well as the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israel withdrew from Gaza but continues to control the West Bank. Israel claims East Jerusalem as its capital, while the Palestinians consider it their future capital. Most Palestinians still live in the West Bank, while some live in the Gaza Strip. 

The city of Jerusalem is very important for all three religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Al-Aqsa Mosque is present in Jerusalem and is considered one of the holiest mosques in Islam. There is also the Temple Mount here, where people of the Jewish religion pray. At the same time, the Church of the Holy Spirit is present in the quarter of Christians in Jerusalem, which is their main place. This place is central to the story of Jesus Christ’s death, crucifixion, and resurrection. This is the reason why there has been conflict between people of all three religions regarding this city.

What is Hamas? 

The Hamas group has been declared a terrorist group by Israel, the United States, the European Union, and Britain, as well as other countries. At the same time, Hamas is supported by Iran which keeps providing it weapons and training.