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India should declare Hamas a terrorist.

Israel wants India to declare Hamas, the Palestinian group active in Gaza, as a terrorist organization. India has not responded to this demand of Israel but experts say that this is not possible. He said that India does not interfere in the internal affairs of Arab countries. 

Israeli forces have wreaked havoc on Hamas targets in Gaza. After air strikes with the help of fighter jets, Israeli soldiers with the help of tanks have now killed many Hamas terrorists by carrying out surgical strikes inside Gaza. Amidst this fierce war, Israeli Ambassador Naor Gilon has demanded from India that the Palestinian group Hamas be declared a terrorist organization. He said that India should follow many other countries of the world and declare Hamas a terrorist organization. On Israel’s demand to help India in every crisis, experts say that India is not going to do so. He has also given a big reason for this. 

West Asian affairs expert Qamar Agha said that Hamas has not attacked any other country and as far as Israel is concerned, Palestinian groups say that Israel is a terrorist country that has occupied their land. He said that India does not interfere in anyone’s internal affairs. He said that India is against terrorism and that is why PM Modi called the attack on Israel a terrorist incident but did not take the name of Hamas. There is no mention of Hamas even in the statement issued by India.

Yasser Arafat said a big thing about India.

Qamar Aga said that many countries like Saudi Arabia do not recognize Hamas. The reason for this is religious. Hamas opposes the dynasty while Saudi Arabia is ruled by a king. Saudi Arabia has no ties to Hamas. He said that Palestinians believe that India is playing a good role in this entire crisis. Not only this, India is a big country and considers itself a world leader. He has good relations with Israel. Earlier, when India had recognized Israel, then-Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat had said this is your sovereign decision and we have good relations with you. If you are becoming friends with Israel then we will benefit from it.

Aga said that India has a very clear policy regarding Israel and Palestine. India has no relation with Hamas. India’s policy is that it supports Palestine but opposes terrorism. India wants a peaceful solution to this entire matter. India is against both Israeli occupation and terrorism. India does not speak in the internal affairs of Arab countries. India believes in development in these countries. Let us tell you that India made this clear in its recent statement in the United Nations also.

Which countries consider Hamas a terrorists?

The Israeli ambassador says that America, Canada, and European Union countries have declared Hamas a terrorist organization. He said that this is not the first time that we have said this about Hamas. He said that because of our common fight against terrorism, there is a need to declare Hamas as a terrorist organization. He said that we had raised the entire issue after this attack. We are in constant talks with India. 1400 Israelis and citizens of other countries were killed in this attack by Hamas.