Dr. Pasbola Became An Expert In Hand Mudra Medical Science Expert After Receiving A Two-day Training From Paramhans University, Vadodara, Gujarat. | The Shivalik
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Dr. Pasbola became an expert in Hand Mudra Medical Science Expert after receiving a two-day training from Paramhans University, Vadodara, Gujarat.

Dehradun: 16-08-2023, Wednesday. Two days Online Hand Mudra Medical Science Workshop was organized by Paramhans University (The Happiness Centre), Vadodara, Gujarat. Dr. D.C. Pasbola from Dehradun, Uttarakhand participated in the training program.

The two-day training program ran from 10-08-2023 to 11-08-2023. Dr. Vishal Gandhi Guru Ji (Holistic and Spiritual Healer) gave information about the medical treatment of various diseases using various hand postures in the online hand posture medical science workshop.

Many trainees from across the country participated in the training programme.