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Dengue in Uttarakhand

Dehradun: Dengue in Uttarakhand: Despite the increasing cold, the graph of dengue is not decreasing. November is coming to an end and dengue cases are continuing. Every day dengue is touching double digits.

The health department is also in a quandary due to this kind of mosquito activity in winter. Dengue was confirmed in 12 more people in the state on Monday also. A maximum of five people have been stung by dengue in Dehradun. Apart from this, four people were found dengue victims in Udham Singh Nagar and three in Nainital.

2234 people in the grip of dengue this year

This year 2234 people have been affected by dengue in the state. Among these, a maximum of 1415 cases have come in Dehradun. While dengue has been confirmed in 285 people in Haridwar, 190 in Pauri, 184 in Nainital, 118 in Udham Singh Nagar, and 42 in Tehri.

The senior center in charge of Transport Corporation died due to fever

In Roorkee, the senior center in-charge of the Transport Corporation died due to fever. His treatment was going on at Rishikesh AIIMS. Due to fever in the area, many people have died earlier also. But, the health department is not showing seriousness in this direction.

Vivek Kapoor, senior center in-charge of Transport Corporation Roorkee had a fever about 20 days back. He took treatment from local doctors, but on 14 November his condition worsened. On this, the doctors referred him to the Higher Center. Since then she was admitted to the ICU of Rishikesh AIIMS.

He died during treatment on Sunday night. He was cremated at Solani cremation ground on Monday morning. Tell that there is an outbreak of fever in the city and the countryside. There are patients suffering from fever in every second-third house. The patient complains of pain in the hands and feet and body along with a high fever.

Chief Medical Superintendent of Civil Hospital Roorkee, Dr. Sanjay Kansal told that do not to be negligent in case of fever. Get treatment from a civil hospital or a private specialist doctor. Take medicines only on the advice of the doctor. Do not be negligent in treatment. At this time there is an outbreak of viral fever. The patient need not panic. Just don’t be negligent in treatment.