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Daroga Bharti Scam

Daroga Bharti Scam After registering a case in this case in October last year, Vigilance started checking the horoscope of all the candidates. In the initial phase, 20 sub-inspectors may have been hit, but some more sub-inspectors are still on the radar. Their suspension action can be taken soon.

Jagran Correspondent, Dehradun: Daroga Bharti Scam: The suspension action on 20 constables in the constable recruitment scam did not happen immediately. For this, Vigilance searched for about three months.

After registering a case in this matter in October last year, Vigilance started checking the horoscope of all the candidates. In this, separate teams were formed to investigate those whom Vigilance suspected.

From school education to higher education, the economic condition including relatives and close friends was closely scrutinized. If sources are to be believed, even though 20 sub-inspectors may have been hit in the initial phase, some more sub-inspectors are still on the radar. The action of their suspension can also be done soon.

Collected complete details from birthplace to educational institutions

During the investigation of the recruitment scam, the Vigilance teams gathered complete details from the birthplace of the suspected inspector to his educational institutions. In which school he studied, from which coaching center he took coaching, his behavior in the village and locality, and how he was in his studies, all these points were examined.

Not only this, the amount of money in the bank accounts of the suspected constable and his relatives before the recruitment of the constable and the balance in the accounts after the recruitment was ascertained.

Vigilance suspected that if the candidate passed the examination by paying a hefty amount, then the money must have been arranged from somewhere. Vigilance gathered information about the land that during the recruitment, no one collected money by selling land or house, etc.

Along with this, Vigilance kept its investigation more focused on Uttarkashi district, because, after the arrest of copycat mafia Hakam Singh Rawat, it was revealed that many youths of Uttarkashi were successful in the recruitment of Inspector. Some of them had a lot of association with Hakam Singh.

Inspector does not even know how to write a case diary

After the question was raised on the recruitment, when a confidential investigation was conducted on some selected sub-inspectors by the police department, it was found that 15 percent of the sub-inspectors are such that they do not even know how to write a case diary.

Most of the inspectors got their colleagues and juniors to write case diaries by allurement. Not only this, many sub-inspectors had kept a retired sub-inspector with them, so that he could help them when a big case came.

Most of the inspectors are carrying out the responsibility of the outpost in charge

Most of the 20 sub-inspectors suspended by the police headquarters have the responsibility of outpost in-charge. Out of the five sub-inspectors suspended in the Dehradun district itself, three were outpost in-charges.

Departmental officers may also face heat

Some departmental officers may also be affected by the recruitment of an Inspector. Allegations are being made that it is not possible to make irregularities in recruitment without the connivance of the officials. In such a situation, some retired and some present officers may also come under its purview.

Preparing to approach the court

After the action of suspension, now the suspected inspectors are also preparing to go to court. It is being told that during the long-running investigation, some inspectors had got organized and seeing themselves trapped, had also started preparing to go to the court.