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Sakshi murder case: Friend Deepak claims minor was his ‘girlfriend’, promised to marry him but…


In the shocking Shahbad Dairy murder case in Delhi, the close friend of the minor victim Sakshi has made some crucial revelations about the killing. Before she was stabbed to death by her boyfriend, Sakshi was reportedly being harassed by 4-5 other men.

16-year-old Sakshi’s close friend Deepak has revealed that despite being in a relationship with alleged killer Sahil, the minor girl was harassed and troubled by 4-5 other men. Apart from this, Deepak also claimed that Sakshi was his girlfriend, and they had plans to get married.

As quoted by News18, Sakshi’s close friend Deepak said, “I knew Sakshi through my sister. She used to come to our house a lot. We were close for last 5-6 months and had plans to get married, but she said no at the last moment, she also told me she loves me.

Further, Deepak also claimed that he had no knowledge about his boyfriend and alleged killer Sahil, as well as Praveen, her alleged ex-boyfriend who she apparently had plans to get back together with after breaking up with Sahil.

Deepak also said, “I am completely shattered after the death of Sakshi. If I was there at the scene of the crime, I could have saved her. I want Sahil to be sentenced to death for the heinous crime that he has committed.”

Deepak revealed that she never actually told him about Sahil or Praveen, but actually just mentioned their names to tease him. She also told him that she was being harassed by 4-5 men, which angered him a lot.

Sakshi was stabbed to death and then her body was crushed by a boulder allegedly by her boyfriend Sahil, and the entire ordeal was caught on camera in the Shahbad Dairy area of Delhi’s Rohini. Sahil reportedly killed his minor girlfriend because she had broken up with him just a few days back.

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