The Department Did Not Even Receive The Proposal And Is Preparing To Cut Two Thousand Trees In Khalanga Dehradun | The Shivalik
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The department did not even receive the proposal and is preparing to cut two thousand trees in Khalanga Dehradun

The forest department has not received any proposal for land transfer in Khalanga. No such permission has been obtained from the central government yet. Meanwhile, environmentalists are protesting against the cutting of trees.

In the name of the construction of the water treatment plant of Song project in Khalanga, preparations are on to cut down about two thousand green trees. Red marks have been put on the trees. The forest department says that no proposal for the transfer of forest land has been received from the Peyjal Nigam corporation till now nor has it received approval from the centre.

According to Forest Conservator Yamuna Circle Kahkashan Naseem, the Forest Department has not received any proposal for land transfer in Khalanga. No such permission has been received from the Central Government yet. Peyjal Nigam Corporation was earlier told that the water treatment plant should be constructed at some other place instead of Khalanga.

For this, the corporation was shown two to three places where there were fewer trees, but the corporation did not like these places. On the other hand, environmentalists are protesting against the cutting of trees. They have tied protective threads on the trees. They say that a movement will be started along the lines of the Chipko movement to save trees.

Seven hectares of land in the Khalanga area have been identified for drinking water supply from the Song Dam project. Peyjal Nigam Corporation is identifying trees here these days. Corporation officials say that this will make drinking water supply easy in half the city.

Drinking water project worth Rs 524 crore will be built in the Song Dam project worth about three thousand crores. For this, a reserve warehouse will be built at a high place near the Song Dam. For this, the Peyjal Nigam corporation needs seven hectares of land. In which a 150 MLD water treatment plant will be built on 4.2 hectares of land. Peyjal Nigam corporation has identified such land near Khalanga, from which water can be supplied to half of Dehradun city with full pressure. Chief Engineer Sanjay Singh says, “This is suitable land because from here there will be full pressure in the water supply lines.” He says that water pressure is not practical at any other place.

Peyjal Nigam corporation Sanjay Singh says, “Right now only trees are being marked as per the project. Tree cutting is not happening.” He says that the corporation is working on all aspects of the project.