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Labourer from Uttarakhand Receives Income Tax Notice for Rs 70 Lakh

A laborer from Roorkee has received an Income tax notice for an outstanding tax amount of Rs 70 lakh. The notice was served to the laborer, who earns around Rs 10,000 per month after he deposited Rs 25 lakh in his bank account.

The laborer, identified as Brijesh Kumar, reportedly said that he had received the money as a loan from his brother, who lives in Delhi, and had deposited it in his account to buy a house. He added that he has all the necessary documents to prove that the money was not his income.

The notice has left Kumar and his family in shock, as they claim to have never earned such a large amount of money. They have sought the help of local authorities and politicians to resolve the issue.

This incident highlights the importance of keeping proper records and documentation of all financial transactions to avoid any disputes with the tax authorities. It also highlights the need for the tax authorities to investigate and verify the sources of income before issuing notices to individuals, especially those from low-income backgrounds.