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Bill Lao Inam Pao Scheme

The Uttarakhand government’s ‘Bill Lao Inam Pao’ scheme will now include branded products in addition to locally produced goods. The scheme is designed to encourage consumers to ask for a bill when purchasing goods, which will then be entered into a lottery for a chance to win prizes.

The inclusion of branded products will increase the variety of goods that consumers can purchase and still be eligible for the scheme, while also encouraging businesses to issue bills for these products. The article notes that the scheme has been successful in promoting the use of bills for local goods, with over 25 lakh bills submitted so far.

The article also highlights the positive impact of the scheme on tax revenue, as businesses are required to register to participate and pay taxes on their sales. The scheme has reportedly brought in around Rs 10 crore in additional tax revenue since its launch in March 2021.

Overall, the expansion of the ‘Bill Lao Inam Pao’ scheme to include branded products is a positive development for both consumers and businesses. It will provide consumers with a greater range of products to choose from while also promoting tax compliance and generating additional revenue for the government.